Warming my hands…

 Hello lovelies,

This week has been filled to the brim with filming and sessions! The weather has cooled down in Colorado. It was rainy and cold most of the week, which made me want to snuggle up in a warm blanket and watch Netflix, but no time for that. Instead, I got to warm my hands on some cute backsides while setting their naughty little bottom’s on fire. I don’t think anything could have been better! I’ve finalized my travel schedule for the year and look forward to meeting many of you on those travels. If you’re still “thinking” about requesting a session, you’d better hurry up and do it, time slots are filling quickly.

@MichaelDonovan and @CherishMommaKay were in town this week and we spent two days filming all kinds of great content!

Spanked while he watches (2)
Spanked while he watches MP4
Spanked while he watches (1)
Spanked while he watches WMV
Kay Kimi Michael
We took turns spanking him in this clip- soon to be released.
Kimi arnica on Michael
Michael Donovan’s bottom was hot, hot, hot when we got finished with him, so I was rubbing some Arnica gel on him.

Are any of you going to Crimson Moon? This is my first time attending and I’m very much looking forward to it. If you have any pointers or suggestions on things I must see or do, I’d love to hear them. If you see me there, please say hi. It’s always nice to put a face with a name. That’s it for today. I’m going to go and rest up for more filming and sessions tomorrow.

Spanks and hugs,

Ms. Kimi

Swat, paddle, spank and cane…

Hello lovelies,

CropI plan to do all of these things when I’m in LA this weekend. I will be celebrating my birthday while I’m there and I will be giving each person who scheduled a session with me, 38 extra swats while they sing happy birthday to me. Can’t wait! As always, you can schedule your private session with me by sending a contact form and submitting your deposit.

I will be returning to Omaha July 10 & 11, so be sure to get your contact forms and deposits in for Nebraska sessions. Several people did not get a session the last trip because they waited until the last minute. Don’t procrastinate for any trip or you will not have a session! Period.

I wanted to update you on my store. I ended up switching it over to Shopify so when you click on the store tab it does direct you away from my website in another window, but that is for your safety. They have all of the gizmos and gadgets that will keep your order information safe and encrypted. I’m still working out some kinks with the canes order page. All of the paddles have a lifetime warranty (unless you break them over some furniture or something equally idiotic) and are made right here in the USA by a local craftsman! They are high quality, with great prices considering most paddles are two for the price of one. I LOVE mine and so do the others who have bought some.

Do you care about testimonials? I have some for the implements folks have purchased and my services. I have been debating about whether to put them up or not. Please let me know your opinion, I’m really interested in learning about it. I have been saving pictures of some of the naughty bottoms I’ve spanked along the way. I would like to make a spanking wall of shame page, would you like to see that? Let me know in the comments section, please.

Open your mouth and leave this in it. If you make teeth marks, I will have to severely punish you!
Open your mouth and leave this in it. If you make teeth marks, I will have to severely punish you!

I attended a spanking party last weekend and had the pleasure of observing someone practicing Bastinado on a female. I’d like to learn more about it, so if any of you know about it or would like to volunteer to let me practice on you – send me a contact form. The sounds the woman was making were very intense and while I’m sure it’s not for most, it might be a nice skill to have in case I run across someone who requests it.

Speaking of spanking parties- if I’m traveling, I’d love to be invited to your party when I’m in the area. Please keep me in mind if you notice I’ll be in town.

Lastly, some of you have been contacting me with very crude, obscene language. It will not be tolerated! If you want my attention and my response, be a respectful individual. I understand you may want your mouth washed out with soap but I don’t care to read it in an email. Please save it for your session.

Spanks and Hugs,                                                               Ms. Kimi