Because I told you so…

Hello Lovelies,

welted with my wooden spoon (1)
Welted with my wooden spoon MP4

People get away with far too much these days, yourself included. That’s right, I said it. You think you can get away with rude, selfish behavior because no one’s watching you. You think you can break the rules & laws because you don’t have anyone to tell you not to, or at least not anyone who will, literally, crack down on your rear end. There is no justification for your behavior. Your anger, selfishness and impatience go unpunished and that’s all about to change.

You need to fear the consequences of your actions. If you even think about stepping out of line, you need to know that you’ll be taken to task. Every transgression, disobedience and infraction will be dealt with accordingly. You need someone who won’t hold back when you need a good tongue-lashing, followed by some serious behavior modification therapy. You need to take this seriously, because I am talking to you. My finger is pointing at you- don’t you look over your shoulder as if I mean the person behind you or next to you.

welted with my wooden spoon (3)
Welted with my wooden spoon WMV

You need someone in your life who is going to make you sit up and take notice of other people’s needs and desires, not just your own. Someone who will keep you on the track to success. Someone who won’t listen to your whining, your attempts to finagle your way out of consequences or who ignores your most shameful behavior. And guess what? That someone? It’s me.

You no longer have any acceptable excuses for why you can’t find someone who will take all of the necessary steps to keep you in line. I sit here before you, empty lap, awaiting your descent over it- to take every last bit of punishment you deserve; every last swat and smack you need to stop playing the martyr and get your act together.

welted with my wooden spoon (5)
You can see all of my spanking clips right here.

Do you know what I’m going to do with you when you come to see me? I’m going to spank your naughty bottom. Yes, I’m going to spank, paddle, hairbrush, spoon, strap, belt and cane your backside until you can’t sit down on it. I’m going to teach you a lesson you will never forget and you are going to appreciate that I care so much. You are going to get to a point when you know you need to see me because you feel out of control. You always say how you feel like you need discipline in your life and now, you know just where to get it and it’s all because I told you so. Book now.

Spanks and hugs,

Ms. Kimi


Warming my hands…

 Hello lovelies,

This week has been filled to the brim with filming and sessions! The weather has cooled down in Colorado. It was rainy and cold most of the week, which made me want to snuggle up in a warm blanket and watch Netflix, but no time for that. Instead, I got to warm my hands on some cute backsides while setting their naughty little bottom’s on fire. I don’t think anything could have been better! I’ve finalized my travel schedule for the year and look forward to meeting many of you on those travels. If you’re still “thinking” about requesting a session, you’d better hurry up and do it, time slots are filling quickly.

@MichaelDonovan and @CherishMommaKay were in town this week and we spent two days filming all kinds of great content!

Spanked while he watches (2)
Spanked while he watches MP4
Spanked while he watches (1)
Spanked while he watches WMV
Kay Kimi Michael
We took turns spanking him in this clip- soon to be released.
Kimi arnica on Michael
Michael Donovan’s bottom was hot, hot, hot when we got finished with him, so I was rubbing some Arnica gel on him.

Are any of you going to Crimson Moon? This is my first time attending and I’m very much looking forward to it. If you have any pointers or suggestions on things I must see or do, I’d love to hear them. If you see me there, please say hi. It’s always nice to put a face with a name. That’s it for today. I’m going to go and rest up for more filming and sessions tomorrow.

Spanks and hugs,

Ms. Kimi

Spankos, what’s your sign??

Hello Lovelies,

Blistering your ass (1).png
Blistering your ass MP4 

How have you been? Spanktacular, I hope! I will be going to the Exile 6 Fetish Ball in Denver on September 16th from 9pm – 2am This is my favorite local event. It raises a lot of money for local, sex positive charities. If you’re from Denver, will be passing through that night or are feeling generous and want to donate, be sure to check out their website using one of the links above. The entertainment here is great and well worth the small pre-ticket price of $10.

Blistering your ass (2)
Blistering your ass WMV

This week, StrictWives, put up a little chat we had about paddles – you can watch the video here and be sure to check out the rest of the site. They have great spanking art, GIF’s and interviews!

Schoolgirl (9)
Schoolgirl spankings: Dress Code Violations MP4

I am going to be in Ann Arbor, MI December 15th & 16th and Long Island, NY December 17th – 18th.  If you want a session, I am NOT kiddingyou need to book it now! I know it seems like a long time away, but it will be here before we know it. It’s during the holiday season and we’re all busy then. If you don’t book soon, you will not get a session. I am attending the Metro Detroit Spanking Society’s Naughty List Review spanking event. I will be presenting & vending, so most likely to be booked quickly due to limited availability. If you’re within driving distance of either, you may want to consider booking because I don’t get out this way often. Okay, enough with the announcements and on to a spanking poll! Inquiring minds want to know…

Schoolgirl spankings dress code violations (4).png
Schoolgirl spankings: Dress code violations WMV

Someone recently told me they were curious about Spankos and their astrological signs, which intrigued me, so I thought I’d ask. Spankos, what’s your sign?? This is, obviously, not scientific and will not be published in any fancy, schmancy “journals” that I’m aware of =D It’s just a fun bit of information to file away. If you would, please say what sign you are in the comments. I tried to create a poll but it had too many choices and won’t work. Until next time – BE GOOD!

Spanks & hugs,

Ms. Kimi



Hello Lovelies! How have you been? I’ve missed chatting with you on the blog but I haven’t had a lot of time to update it lately. The website photos were updated today so you might want to go and check it out. After the last post, I started writing that story I mentioned but I felt like it was a bit too taboo to post so I decided against it.

Spring break spankings GIF


This weeks NEW CLIP!  

Spring break spankings WMV $7.99

Spring break spankings MP4 $7.99


I will be at EXXXOTICA Denver 3/31-4/2/17 in the Clips4Sale booth, times have yet to be determined. If you’re going, stop by and say hi or you can book a session while you’re in Denver. I will be heading back to Portland for KINKFEST 2017 April 14th & 15th and will be in the Sensual Paddles booth. I have VERY limited session times available for this trip so book NOW! I’m debating whether or not I will go to Lone Star Spanking Party in May. Are any of you going?

That’s all for now. Have a spanktastic weekend,

Ms. Kimi



The Teacher gets spanked

Hello Lovelies. How have you been? It’s been busier than usual around here and I like it! Now that Backpage has shut down the adult section, apparently, some of you are scouring the internet in search of what you need and SpanketySpank has brought you to me. Good!

I wanted to remind you that will still honor a 10% discount to readers as long as they enter coupon code: spanketyspank at checkout.  

OTK for sexting MP4 $8.99

I had a strange situation come about. A former Teacher of mine contacted me for a session. Whether this Teacher was aware I was one of his students before or not, I’m unsure, but when he met me he did note that I looked familiar. I didn’t say a word! He had given me a fake name and I wasn’t about to point out that I knew his actual name. I respect privacy, although I do enjoy learning about you and may ask questions, it’s up to you what you share with me.

I can remember this Teacher being a bit different from others. He was quite young back then. He was very lax with us and he would sit on a desk at the front of the room. He sat caddy-corner and appeared, at least to me, to rub himself (balls) on the edge of that desk. I saw him looking at some of the girls feet from time to time when they would wear sandals. I’m fairly sure that I noted a bulge in his pants on more than one occasion.

The Teacher wanted to play school (tee hee!) and I was his student (ironic), disciplining him for being a naughty Professor who I caught peeking at the young women’s panties when they wore dresses. I was upset because he didn’t peek at my panties and threatened to turn him in to the Principal if he did not do as I said.

OTK for sexting (6).png
OTK for sexting WMV $8.99

He was made to strip but he didn’t fold his clothes neatly, shame on him! I marked that down in a notebook. He wanted me to humiliate him and shame him about his body, so I did. I began circling him and making note of his saggy bottom, beer belly and overtly erect, yet small, penis. I had him step into some frilly, pink satin and lace panties, then I began his punishment.

He was bent over the desk, not my lap, given a very thorough warm-up with my hand and a small paddle. I kept track of all his minor transgressions in my notebook. If he didn’t say, “Thank you, Ms. Kimi”, or if he took too long to answer a question, not quick enough to move when told- it was all jotted down. After a rather intense and lengthy paddling, I tallied all of his violation’s up. He had 29 infractions, therefore, he received 29 slow and grueling thrashes with my cane on his already tender and sore bottom. This poor man’s backside was torn up, just the way he’d wanted.

Not all sessions result in bruising. You can leave with a red, hot, sore bottom. I can’t guarantee you won’t bruise but I can do my very best to keep bruises away and I will always respect your limits. To this day, I have never sent someone home with bruises if they asked me not to. I make a note here about bruising because I want you to understand that YOUR session is custom tailored to you and YOUR needs. Book your session now. Send Ms. Kimi a contact form to get the ball rolling.

Note: I will be in Portland in March- book your session now by sending a contact form.

Spanks and hugs,

Ms. Kimi

Domestic Discipline with Ms. Kimi

Hello Lovelies! Have you ever wondered what it might be like getting disciplined by me? Well this is, somewhat, how it might go…

Fake flu, burning bottom MP4 $7.99

If you’ve been really naughty, I will have you strip. There is no reason you should be spanked with extra layers protecting your backside. I want you to feel each and every swat, smack and stroke. Don’t wad your clothes up in a ball either. You will fold those clothes nice and neat and place them somewhere they won’t get dirty. If you don’t know where to place them, ask.

If we are in public, I will not spank you in front of others. I may ask some of the people who saw you engage in this negative behavior to come over and observe your punishment in private. Again, you will be asked to strip, which may add to your embarrassment and that is for the best.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taller or bigger than me, I will grab you by the ear and maneuver you where I want you. If you resist, I will keep adding additional swats or strokes to your punishment. I may decide upon difficult positions for you to hold, as well. And hold them you must! Your safety is my main concern.

benchI like it when you go and fetch the implements I’ve asked you to bring me. If you fight me on doing so, whine or hide the implements I’ve asked for, I will choose the most wicked, butt blistering thing that I own. Heavy, stingy, deep bruising, rubber strap sound like fun? I didn’t think so!  I can guarantee you will not do something like that the next time you need a spanking. It’s all a learning process, see?


Kicking, fighting and the like will only get you a harder punishment. Again, safety is a must and you can’t be spanked in a safe manner while you are thrashing around. I will scissor-lock your legs in mine and you’d best believe that they are strong. Wriggle, wiggle and try to slide away and they just get tighter. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. You need to think about your choices and how they were wrong.  Make a different choice the next time, but don’t you dare try to make excuses for your bad behavior right now.

I enjoy a little bratting, sassiness and/or backtalk. It feeds me the fuel that I need to teach you about the consequences for your actions. We can go with this until you wear yourself out. However, you should be very, very careful of what you say to me. One little obscenity will get your mouth washed out with soap, squeaky clean. There will be no rinsing, either. You will keep that bar of soap in your mouth until I am finished disciplining you. If you make any teeth marks in the soap, you’ll be caned five times however many teeth marks there are, when I’ve finished with your spanking.

What’s that, dear? Please stop? I will stop when I’m good and ready. I must be convinced that you have learned your lesson and I don’t think you have. I chose this position, implement and setting specifically for you, so you will learn a long, hard, lesson. If you keep asking me to stop, I will need to begin again and I mean it.

Yes, I know it hurts. It’s supposed to hurt! This way you will, hopefully, understand that I meant it when I said there are consequences for your actions. Crying isn’t going to make me smack your little tush any lighter. Use your pain to really dig deeper into your mind. Visualize the situation you’re being punished for.

Why did you do it?

What would you do differently?

What would you change the next time?

How does it feel when you make the correct decision that time?

That’s good! I hope that you will learn from this experience.

Fake flu, burning bottom WMV $7.99

Now, dry your eyes. You’re sorry for doing that? You learned a lesson and won’t do it again? I’m glad to hear it! I hope you understand that I’m only doing this for your own good. If you forget again, it will be the same punishment and then some. It will be harsher, longer and more uncomfortable for you, so you should try very hard not to repeat your actions.


After this it could go one of three ways.

  1. I have a coin here, please take it and yourself over to the corner. You will hold the coin in place with your nose for ten minutes while you stand on your toes. If the coin drops to the floor, your corner time will begin again. If your heels touch the floor, your corner time begins again. It does not matter if you’ve held yourself in place for nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds, if either of those things happen, your corner time begins again. If you rub your bottom, at any point during your corner time, your time begins again. Do I make myself clear? Good, now go and get into position. Yes, the clock is loud and you will hear every. single. second.
  2. Do you see that wooden chair there? Yes, the one with the thumbtacks on the seat. I want you to go and sit on the that chair for fifteen minutes. You will sit in that chair with your feet flat on the floor and your arms raised and bent behind your head. You will not move. If you move, your time on the chair begins again. It hurts to sit? I know. That’s so you can remember what happens when you make bad decisions. I need you to learn something from this whole experience.
  3. You said some very naughty things! I’m sure your jaw is tired from holding that bar of soap all this time. Let’s take it out and see if there are any teeth marks in it. Oh, I’m sorry. You left several teeth marks in this soap and I told you not to do that, didn’t I? I bet you’re very disappointed in yourself today. Alright, there are two, very deep teeth marks here. You are going to receive ten strokes of the cane. I will determine how hard these strokes will be based on how well you hold your position, how well you hold your tongue and how much I think you can take. I may change to a heavier, thicker cane for a deeper effect or a lighter, narrower cane for some sting. If you move from your position while I am caning you, I will start over. Do you understand?

Spanks and hugs,

Ms. Kimi

Let’s build a special bond…

Christmas snooping gets a spanking $6.99

Hello Lovelies! I hope this finds you healthy and WARM! As usual, this has been a VERY busy week. I’ve had many travelers visit me at Spanktopia and we’ve had a spankerrific time! I’ve been asked to make several custom spanking clips and have been working on general spanking/ball abuse clips to put out, as well. Thank you for continuing to follow along with me on this journey. Something that’s been on my mind as of late- building a bond with clients.

I’m not a one hit wonder, by that I mean, I don’t enjoy seeing people one time and one time only. It takes time to build a special bond, which is something very important for you to have the best session you can. The first session is typically riddled with nerves, most people are so nervous they don’t really relax enough to “enjoy” their time. Each session after that becomes more familiar and comfortable to you and you’re able to get into it a bit more. You can go to a special place in your head if you want or really step into that role you’ve wanted to play out for so long because you know you can trust me.



Saturday detention.png
Saturday detention $5.99

I want you to trust me enough to tell me about your day to day life, to share your inner most spanking and domestic discipline fantasies, to relax and let it all out- tears and all. I want you to get what you need, not just a spanking but an emotional connection with me because I understand some of the parts of you that most people don’t. Although I don’t have children of my own, many of you become my children, in a sense, and I want to nurture you, care for you and help you, ALL of you, to feel whole, complete. I want what is best for you (and I LOVE to snuggle you up at the end of a session-ha!)


I receive many emails asking me, “Can you spank me to tears” and I’m of the opinion that it’s not necessarily the pain that brings you to tears, it has a lot to do with trust, comfort, some psychology and a little pain too. We can achieve those tears if you’re willing to allow yourself to be comfortable, to trust that you are in a safe environment with someone who is trustworthy.

Just a little something to mull over if you have time this week. YOU can book your session by sending a contact form on Stop procrastinating and do it today.

Spanks & hugs,

Ms. Kimi