Panties, paddles & airport security…

Hello Lovelies,

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I just returned from Omaha and had a great trip! On my way home to Denver, airport security decided my implements looked scary in the x-ray machine, so they had to empty and search my carry-on bag. There’s nothing quite like having your panties and paddles being thrown into a bin and paraded through the security line.

They wanted to know what my implements were used for and I said spanking. The gal searching my bag was amused and tried to speak quietly in a hushed tone- I assume she was trying NOT to embarrass me. She called her Supervisor over, who was not so amused and who appeared to want to embarrass me. He pulled my shrink wrapped pile of paddles out of the bin, inspected them and said, “These are whoopin’ sticks”.  It took everything I had not to burst out laughing!

When I confirmed that yes, they are used for spanking, he held them up towards the light (like you could see through them) and then decided he needed to show some of his other co-workers. It was quite the show and a complete waste of my time but I would have been in the airport anyway so give the vanilla’s a little thrill, I guess. He really deserved a good spanking, for many reasons, but I didn’t feel like going to jail.

Finally, he muttered something about 7 pounds and deemed my

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implements “tools”.  They made me choose- check the bag (for $45) or they confiscate the implements (probably hundreds of dollars). I went with check it and was grateful they offered me the choice.

I’m not sure if I will continue to take them with me in a carry-on anymore. I’ve never had a problem with them before so, maybe I will arrive early and try it again. I’m not shy or embarrassed about my implements or profession but if I had been traveling with someone and we really needed to catch our flight, I would hate to be the reason we missed it.

Anyway, I’m thinking about buying all new implements when I arrive at Crimson Moon and having them shipped home! I’m kidding…That would cost a fortune! Just a few select new pieces, which reminds me, I’d better use a bigger bag that weekend.

All of this leads me to ask- do you carry-on or check if you have spanking gear with you? Have any advice on packing implements? Maybe you don’t have the same problems I have?! Please leave your suggestions and advice in the comments section.

Spanks and hugs,

Ms. Kimi

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