When the punishment’s over…

Hello Lovelies

I was in Portland again last weekend for KinkFest and had a really lovely time. I sessioned and worked at the vendor fair, the weather was gorgeous. I met so many wonderful people and you were all very kind, having many complimentary things to say about my work. Thank you!!

Caught masturbating 2 (1)
Caught Masturbating 2 $6.99

After my session, I was thinking about how things go after the punishment has ended. I wonder what most of you do after you’ve been spanked. Do you relax and stretch out on the bed, relishing in the delicious heat that’s spread across your backside? Delight in the sting that the Arnica gel imparts to your swollen and tender bottom? Welcome some cool and soothing lotion gently caressed into your burning hot buns? Or, are you a purist and want to feel everything without anything to relieve it?

Spring break spankings (12)
Spring break spankings $7.99

Do you put away the implements that have just been used on your bottom and wish you’d made better choices? Put away the implements that were used to adjust your attitude and wish you had more coming? Perhaps, you aren’t allowed to touch the tools your Disciplinarian uses to teach you a lesson? How does it go? Does your punishment end after the spanking or has it only just begun?

Defacing school property (3)
Paddled for defacing school property $7.99


I’m sure there are many different answers, depending on various factors like the type of spanking that was administered.  Each of my sessions end differently, but I’m curious how it goes for you.

Spanks and hugs,

     Ms. Kimi



4 thoughts on “When the punishment’s over…

  1. pauldean1956

    Looking forward to your next spanking party.Please email  the address and date and time.  I have s new paddle that needs to be broken in. Paul…

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  2. After the Spanking is over i must stand in the corner with my pants down and with
    my nose all the way in the corner and my arms by my side . and can not move .
    If i move or rub my bottom its more spankings .
    as i stand in the corner my bottom is on fire and stings very well and the heat in the seat .
    i just love it

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  3. I usually rush to the bathroom to inspect the damage to my bottom and to admire the marking of my bottom. I hope to see a nice even red glow across my backside and to rub any particularly nasty marks. Often my disciplinarian will inspect my ass with me and point out any especially severe marks. A nice hug and compliment on how well I took my punishment is appreciated too. When it is my wife who has spanked me, some love making later is very nice as well.

    Redtail John

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  4. I find that a punishment styled spanking is more effective if I am first sent to the corner while the disciplinarian preparers in changing table. If humiliating diaper punishment follows a severe spanking I am more likely to “learn my lesson”.

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